Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Chaos in the network

There was a chaos in the network
One was salvaging a belief
The other was trying to reveal the ugly truth
Both are of different intentions
There were not right or wrong
Disapointed i am
to the one who does not repent
does not admit and apologize
giving reasons and deceptions
portraying great selfishness to the public.
Better yet, friends were automatically categorised
as true and false,
an hasty act,
act of childishness.
For once in my life,
I would like this dispute to settle,
As a friend,
I don't think i can sit down,
and watch any longer,
one asked to talk
but the other might refuse to listen
which would cause more dispute
than bring bonds & peace
one might need to reconsider
as telling might not always be the solution
sometimes truth prevails itself
may one finds the courage to let go, and live in peace.
may one finds the strength to forgive and live in peace.
and may one finds wisdom and not bring suffering to life of dear ones ever again.

Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu

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