Sunday, March 11, 2012

The memories and sensation of how she shampooed my hair for me early in the morning. I'll never forget that my dear :)

Monday, March 5, 2012

She would be the only one who answer to my obsession

Time ticks, and people come and go,
no matter how things seems to look good,
it always fade as the wind blows.
I'm glad to have know a girl who would be so persistent.
Answering to my calls, my thoughts, my emotions.
A true companion who took the troublesome vow called Love.

Little thoughts and actions you do,
makes me felt really warm inside,
but i admit that, i dont get to tell you enough sometimes.
More flaws were told, than praise, those that i could never take back.
I felt ashamed for have you suffered this through,
But do know that I have the best of my life,
Every since I met you.

Saturday, March 3, 2012


the reason you dont want to leave something.

But also the reason you are staying.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

dear gin

I love you, lets go :)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Chaos in the network

There was a chaos in the network
One was salvaging a belief
The other was trying to reveal the ugly truth
Both are of different intentions
There were not right or wrong
Disapointed i am
to the one who does not repent
does not admit and apologize
giving reasons and deceptions
portraying great selfishness to the public.
Better yet, friends were automatically categorised
as true and false,
an hasty act,
act of childishness.
For once in my life,
I would like this dispute to settle,
As a friend,
I don't think i can sit down,
and watch any longer,
one asked to talk
but the other might refuse to listen
which would cause more dispute
than bring bonds & peace
one might need to reconsider
as telling might not always be the solution
sometimes truth prevails itself
may one finds the courage to let go, and live in peace.
may one finds the strength to forgive and live in peace.
and may one finds wisdom and not bring suffering to life of dear ones ever again.

Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu

Sunday, January 1, 2012

My first post of the year! :D

It’s the time of the year where all past should be at the past and all the times ahead is a new beginning! Here I would like to recap the events that marked the most interesting events of my life at 2011. In terms of work,  I’ve got a new head of department who becomes a bridge between us and the management. Thanks to him, a lot of projects and assignments were delivered in a well planned manner. In addition to that, I’ve got Lydia in a team now, which would not only reduce the work load but increase the efficiency of whatever we are gonna do from now onwards :D

As a second year to the relationship, 2011 is considered the year that shapes and strengthen the bond between me and gin. We had tons and tons of arguments, big war of bitchery and so on. We went through each conflict one by one with understanding and willingness to improve for each other. As a result, we became really sensitive and caring to each other. My life has been really adventurous and wonderful with my life companion with me. Love you for that Ginny :)

I’ve started to look into financial investment, and ways to save and allocate money for the future. While doing so, I get a new friend who is willing to share the knowledge and experience on that field. Contradicting that, I’ve been spending a lot on 2011 December till a point I can feel a “coin drop silence” in my bank account :P. Gin and I has made a pact to cut down expenses and shop less on the years ahead, which is our primary resolution for this year! XD

This year might be a year of opportunity for me to step on a higher level for my carrier. I would need to vow for better performance and reliability at work. I might need to polish my leadership skills to face the challenges ahead when I start to lead this midyear.
I’ve always been negative and skeptical in the past when it comes to decision making. But during the year 2011, I’ve encountered situations that needed me to be the positive one to sustain and motivate my other half. That moment taught me about the power of persistence. As long as we do not give in to what we seem to perceive as failures, persistence will overpower any challenges that comes in its way.

 My birthday in year 2011 was a rather adventurous one. There was a whole lot of adventure ranging from lovely romantic ones to getting a pirate ship! :D
 I also received a handmade photobook for our 2 year anniversary :D It was a work of an artistic hand, mainly because she has been associating with creative people for almost 2 years :p (I can hear some groan of disapproval from somewhere lol)

 Another moment that left a mark would be bro Jon finally opened up to me, to tell me things just like how we used to me. Hopefully his days ahead would one filled with peace and wisdom.

Come to think of it, having gin along with me for 2 year has been a total different relationship experience. This was the first relationship which I actually look forward to every single day, and love every single thought of how it would be in the future. Throughout the years, there are people who are skeptical about us and even advice us to break apart during our hard times. 

Advice like those did not make me have negative thoughts towards them but instead would like to thank them for giving me a point to consider. At those moments when I was really negative, I took the advice and thought to myself, which one was easier to do? : to break up and suffer long term or to fight through the short terms suffering and enjoy the love. It was clear to me that, leaving would be the hardest option for me. Thus, all the skeptical people who advised me to break up actually trained my mind to be clear of what I really want and make confirmed decisions :D

As a new year resolution, I would like to tone up my body to a healthy shape and let my gears working again.(im sick of feeling fatigue and weak all the time) I do not get much support on this matter sometimes because, most of the people around me thought that I’m going to go on steroid mode and built a friggin gigantic muscular body -_- (blame the tv for showing all exaggerating stereotypes) All I want is to feel agile and in proper control of my body’s movements. Oh yeah, talking about that, on the 2011 I got myself a motorcross bike!
 It not only brought excitement to my life, but also increased my strength. It’s heavier than a normal bike, takes more energy to maneuver, tackle cornerings, grabing on the clutches and brakes. As a result, my body frame was slightly larger at the end of the year. Moving a cub bike is like pulling a bicycle to me now. With the bike, I’ve learnt the importance of maintenance, and taking care of things. I’ve met a good foreman named Ah Ming, who was willing to share all the tips and clear all the myth and taboos that sly foreman uses to drain cash from their victim.

Next resolution would be saving up to fund for a house! Yeaps, a house Is an investment and a vehicle is always a liability :D Therefore I should make the first step to at least own a property :D.  Somehow I felt that I’m not to old and neither too young to start thinking about owning a property and getting married. Gosh, what has gotten into you Mike. Guess being with a person you love, really triggers these actions.

Lastly, I would wish that the myth of the world ending this year does not become a truth. I want to live to see how my plans and determination succeed, I want to have a beautiful family with my girl, I want to retire and hang out with old friends, have a few pints of beer and whiskey. I want to be a leader of an organization, spreading education and build characters. I want to celebrate every achievement of the people around me.
I want,
A happy,
Happy New Year :D

Saturday, December 17, 2011


Call me a kid, or and old boy, but i was so friggin happy today because i finally got my thousand sunny :D:D 

It was a birthday + Christmas give from dear ginny, seriously no girls have ever brought me a toy before, and this is just something that makes me jump up and down and got me really excited after all these years lolxxxxx
it actually got me more excited than when im havin my bike lolx